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From: Jeff M. Gold (
Date: Mon Apr 12 1993 - 10:32:05 EDT


figured I would test out this new list.

I just got finished with a Heath HW9 (which I could never
have found without the help of Chuck Adams). Originally got
it finished .. got part of the alignment done and ran into
things not working. Sent it to be fixed after I ruined one
of the bottom traces trying to find the problem (I know very
little about electronics..but trying to learn.. was very
careful building the rig... even lined up all the resistors
in the same direction). After 5 months of the guy not
touching the radio, I had him send it back.

Had a local whiz trade me help for a 6 meter beam (I love
barter). Turned out that I had a bad double balanced mixer.
Next had 2 bad coils in the TX/Rec board.. just put them in
Thursday and aligned the rig... putting out nice clean 4
watts or so.. and receiver works great.

Had some problems though.. seemed like when someone was
calling CQ.. I could never get them to come back to me..
wondered if it was me or the bands. Plugged in the MFJ 40
and bango.. first shot.. did finally get someone on 40 then
someone on 30 to come back. In the middle of the QSO.. the
guy asked what freq. I was on.. turned out that my TX and
Rec were 3 KCs off.

Checked the manual and it told me to check the BFO. It was
right on freq. I decided to mess with it (it was raining and
I had the day off). I ended up changing the core of the coil
and the value of the capacitor. I got it within .5 KCs or
so. Got Cuba first call last nite and Wisconsin this AM
before work. Talked for a while.. got really good signal
reports (I have the RIT set for + 1/2 way to compensate for
slight error).

When I checked the parts list.. turns out this is the exact
same part # as the one I had trouble with in the TX/Rec
board. I can only think they had a bad run. Should have got
extra the first time.. The parts are cheap, but about $6.00
for shipping.. found and article in Nuts and Bolts..guy says
he has Heath parts... I would really like to get this
working exactly the way it is suppose to. I really love the
rig.. after all the criticism and mods I have read about
it.. was amazed how well mine is working.

When I get this problem solved.. thinking about putting a
contest keyer (from Nov 1990 QST) in, with the 4 buttons on
the top cover.. think it would make a really fun contest

Well, the real problem is that I am not exactly sure what
the BFO is doing with the freq shift. Is it changing the
tone I hear on receive, so that when I tune in the receive
freq I am not where I think I am? The way I have it set now
the BFO is not anywhere close to what it is suppose to be..
but it works...



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