From: Charles Adams (
Date: Wed Apr 07 1993 - 16:54:04 EDT

Jim (K5YUT) mentions verticals. i used a butternut hf-6v for many years.
probably starting within a few months of when they first came out. it was
the best antenna i ever had until i switched to the 80 meter long wire up
10 meters.

a little secret. i went down to Home Depot and bought a couple of 500 ft
rolls of #12 electrical wire. seems like it was pretty cheap, like $12
a roll or something like that. i'll look when i run by for the fire ant
killer later today or tomorrow. i made a jig to strip the insulation
and spread random length radials in a 180 degree pattern from the house.
had them meet at the base, soldered them together and to a 6 ft copper
rod in the ground next to the base of the antenna. ground mounted, i think
is the best way to go.

i had the antenna supported at the top about 3 ft from the eve of the house
with pvc pipe with 'tee' for standoff insulator. with stood 90 mph winds
with no problem. had to periodically go out and clean out the spiders
who just loved the coils and caps for homes. kept the birds away, for
sure. one thing about qrp, you surely don't fry them......

never a lick of problems in two locations. i moved about 6 miles to the
country where i am now. the radials are still buried, but sadly the
hf6v is in the garage after taking it down last year. it was one of those
"i'll just take it down and do some spring cleaning" but never finished
projects. i love the long wire so much.....

with the butternut vertical, if i could hear them, i could work them.
the ground system is the secret. i noted last week that upon examination,
the radials are still in good shape. minor corrosion, but not brittle.
may have to go back and work on it again.

oooohhh. i used an electric sidewalk edger to bury the radials. the
yard was just going in at the time, thus within weeks you couldn't tell
where i buried them. the soil is so sandy but i do seem to have underground
spring at the back part of the lot. 300' to back fence on cemetary lot.
(sp?) gonna have to dig out Steven King for that word. ;-)

just my 2 cents worth.

73 es 72 de k5fo chuck dit dit

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